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TPC America d/b/a Taxpayers Clinic is the nation's oldest professional firm dedicated to resolving back tax issues with the IRS.

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"I had a top notch experience working with the team at Taxpayers Clinic! From start to finish. I felt supported and well guided through the whole experience. Every detail was well documented and explained. Through to the end result of celebrating wins. I highly recommend them!"

Lorena Palazzo


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“…Taxpayers Clinic handled my tax issue with the IRS with the utmost professionalism and kept me apprised of the updates in real-time! Thx … for your help with this unnerving liability.”

Zave D


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“Taxpayers Clinic, is an excellent organization. I respect them and they have always done right by me.”

John Bartkowski


“…They saved my family from a lot of stress, and potential financial ruin. We would have been lost without their help. I fully recommend the services of Taxpayers Clinic and cannot say enough about their knowledge, ability and success.”

Lauren Rubin

South Carolina

“Dealing with this process is frightening and confusing, but through their guidance we found incredible resolution. Their service has helped squash anxieties and their technical know-how helped finalize swift resolution ending in an incredible result. I could not have done this work alone. I highly recommend their team and their services come at an extremely reasonable rate.”

Mark Davis


"The Taxpayers Clinic helped me lower my tax burden, gave us great advice, and gave us personalized and professional service.”

Diana Shores


As the nation’s oldest professional firm Taxpayers Clinic is devoted to the resolution of Internal Revenue Service collection matters, we are the acknowledged leader in our field. We pride ourselves on our integrity and our commitment to our clients.

Our expertise in knowing exactly how to talk to the IRS Collection Division allows us to get you the best possible resolution for your back taxes – saving you money and allowing you to get your life back on track.